Matlab code reproducing the analisys perfomed in Maspero et al (2017), under submission to Radiation Oncology and dedicated to prostate cancer external beam Radiotherapy.

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Welcome to the code to analyse inter-observer accuracy and precision of manual localisation of intra-prostatic gold Fiducial Marker (FM)

This work aims at presenting the analysis related to the article recently submitted to Radiation Oncology by Maspero Matteo and co-workers (2017) about intra-prostatic FM localisation on sole MR images. Note that the code will be published upon publication of the related manuscript.

What can you find here?

The Matlab code to analyse the five observer FM localisation in terms of precision and accuracy.

How to…

Run the code? Simply clone/download the repository and run within Matlab LoA_LoACM.m to analyse the precision and Inter_Marker_Distaces.m to analyse accuracy. Note that the code has been developed and benchmarked in Matlab R2015a and we do not ensure/support workability for different versions of Matlab.


The code is released under a Common Development and Distribution License, under the Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International clause. In practice, we ask you to cite/refer the original paper and to share your own work released under a similar license. The code is not intended for medical use, therefore we do not take any responsibility for the misuse of the code.

Support or Contact

In case of questions or issues, please contact the owner of the repository & we’ll help you sort it out. Thank you very much in advance for your questions!

Authors and Contributors

Maspero Matteo (@matteomaspero), PhD candidate at University Medical Center Utrecht, The Netherlands. In case you are using any of the material, please refer to the article. The link to the article will be here presented as soon as published.

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